Flip Mode Slope Style

16-th of April saw the long awaited last event of the season calendar – the Flip Mode Slope Style. The comp was held on Vitosha Mountain, just 45 minutes away from the capital city by car. The organizers made sure the local park was both challenging and fun for all the riders. It consisted of a relatively easy kicker, straight, down-flat rails and several funboxes.

Everyone was really happy to be there and to ride in the park as the event officially united some of the best Bulgarian freestyles for one last time. The half-Bulgarian half-Ukrainian youngblood Pavel “Zaiac” Kristov, who had been showing a lot of progress throughout the season, was enjoying the tabletop by stomping with a lot of ease frontside cork 5 and 7’s. Lozio Dimitrov, another talented young rider, also had a lot of fun on the kicker with smooth frontside double shifty 360’s. One of the shapers in the park, Kiril Gustev, throughout the day stomped beautiful bаckside rodeo 540’s, our freestyle champ Mario Benio did his switch frontside rodeo 720’s. There was action on the rails as well – Nasko Mamalov showed that he has developed his skills even more this season and Hristo Hristov getting that trick his been working on – noseslide 270 out on the straight rail. To sum the event in a few words – a lot of good tricks, some new ones and a fun session in the park showing the great progress in Bulgaria for the last season. Great work for the shapers/riders from one of the main driving forces for freestyle snowboarding in the country – Flip Mode Club.

3rd place – Nikola Plukov;
2nd place – Hristo “Roberto” Hristov
1st place – Pavel “Zayac”Kristov

2nd place – Tedi Damianova
1st place – Sunny Karadocheva

See all the pictures here.