Planet-X Freestyle Camp

On behalf of XTM Sports Marketing, we have the pleasure of inviting you to the first Planet-X Freestyle Camp. The event will take place on April 17-24, 2006 at the Bulgarian winter resort Bansko.

PLANET-X is a project aiming at creating a long-lasting foundation for the development and improvement of all modern, fast-growing winter sports.

From a sport perspective, PLANET-X is a freestyle training camp for both skiers and snowboarders. There will be various small scale contests. Yet the attention will be drawn toward improving the skills and technique of younger advanced riders. Many actively practicing riders from Bulgaria and the neighboring countries will be recruited in order to help the younger riders by training together with them, giving them advice and lessons. These so-called mentors will work in small groups (workshops) and while demonstrating they will be able to personally take care of the of the participants’ safety.

From a cultural perspective, PLANET-X will have a wide range of educational activities – video analyses, reports and overviews of the performance during the day; different snowboard and ski movies will be broadcast; DJs and various bands will perform.

One of the main aims of PLANET-X is to put the beginning of a new tradition – we would like to turn PLANET-X into an annual event, a festival of modern winter sports. It will inevitably contribute to the image and long-lasting impression of Bansko as a leading resort in the region.

The creation of a winter fun-park was a decisive step in the further development of Bansko as a modern winter resort. The successful and fast promotion of this fun-park depends to a great extent on events like PLANET-X which provide an excellent ground for riders with average skills. It is these sport events that will attract a wider variety of tourists and riders.

PLANET-X is not merely an event during which the best riders will win prizes. It is also an event for all the young people who are usually only spectators. Under the guidance of the more experienced riders these young people will have a chance to become a part of this winter experience – everyone will learn how to safely use the different facilities in the park and will be able to improve their freestyle skills.

If PLANET-X turns into an annual event, it will attract the attention of many mainstream snowboard and ski media representatives, when it is announced in advance. Thus in a short period of time the resort and its freestyle facilities will become a very popular and desired destination.