Planet X Freestyle Camp ’07

This year the annual Road Gap (23-25 March 2007) will be preceded by a Freestyle Camp held in the week before the contest.

Planet X Freestyle Camp (19-25 March 2007) will help athletes from many part of the world to spend time together and exchange experience and ideas. The main goal of the camp is to contribute to the development of the scene and the skills of the participants, so you might find less commercial elements in it.

Spectators should not miss the contests at the end of the week The Gap itself will be improved and will offer bigger choice of ramps. This year’s event will be enhanced also with a slope style contest and best trick award. We are working hard to arrange a bigger hall for the after-contest party.

Those of you planning to attend the event for the first time should consider that, Belmeken region (2000 m. above sea level) is located in the Rila Mountain in Bulgaria, at about 2,5 hours driving from Sofia. It is not a ski resort and there are no lifts, no prepared or marked runs and no nightclubs. All you can find here is best conditions and spirit for Freestyle and Back-Country activities, tons of snow, nice accommodation and food and lots of fun.

Planet – X is a project organized by Snowboard club “Flip Mode”, the Bulgarian Extreme and Free ski Association (BEFSA) and XTM.

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Web site of BEFSA where you’ll find more information about the Planet-X and Dragon Road Gap