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Planet-X Freestyle Camp чети нататък ›

Planet-X Freestyle Camp

30 Март 2006 Eventswrcrew

On behalf of XTM Sports Marketing, we have the pleasure of inviting you to the first Planet-X Freestyle Camp. The event will take place on April...

Dragon Road Gap 2006 - results чети нататък ›

Dragon Road Gap 2006 - results

30 Март 2006 Eventswrcrew

25th of March was the big day for the 2nd annual Dragon Road Gap held in the area of Belmaken, Bulgaria. Just like last year the kickers over the...

Dragon Road Gap 2006 чети нататък ›

Dragon Road Gap 2006

20 Март 2006 Eventswrcrew

Dragon Road Gap is a ski and snowboard freestyle event wich will take place on 25-26 March, 2006 in Belmeken, Bulgaria. After last year’s success...

Welcome to Whiteroom чети нататък ›

Welcome to Whiteroom

15 Февруари 2006 wrcrew

Whiteroom is an e-zine dedicated to the Bulgarian snowboard scene. We'll be launching the English section along with the new version of the web site...