Momchilovci Snowboard Camp

Shredders from all over the country came down to Momchilovci snowpark for a weekend of sun, fun, shred and some extra sumthin’sumthin’ provided by the organizers for the freestyle camp held there, for the first time. The event went down as smooth as the butter on your breakfast toast and the slushy snow conditions could not spoil the the atmosphere. No stress, no fuss – just fun.

Apart from shredding riders were given the chance to seek fun in other activities such as free-climbing, paintball massacres in the nearby forest or pushing fourwheelers around the park.
Some quality shredding went down throughout the whole event but some individuals stood out with their tech, style and skills and went home with prizes generously provided by the sponsors.
Local boy Nasko Malamov was crowned best rider, Ninja Squad’s very own Dimo Petkov was titled “most attractive ripper”, the youngest participant was Jorko from Smolian and George (Gopata) Petkov was the jumpslayer. The judicial system was in the hands of the riders which meant – no strict rules, or hustle. Prizes were given in various other categories including most multifunctional shredder, worst crash and so on.

Check out the pictorial provided by Bobo!