Greek snowboard project – “After all” by Silent Progression


Snowboarding in Greece? Hell yeah, snowboarding in Greece! Dimitris Maniatis, the frontman of the Silent Progression crewfrom Greecetells us, more about their latest  project “After all”…

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Who is in the Silent Progression crew?

Alex Pitoulis: Director/Editor/Filmer
Dimitris Maniatis: Director/Editor/Filmer/Photgrapher
Dicky Bury: Filmer/Photographer
John Gripeos: Filmer

How long have you guys been riding and shooting together?

We are all riding together since we started snowboarding back in 1999. But the movie thing started in late 2005 with our first project ”Silent Progression 01” mixing skateboarding and snowboarding in one dvd. Two years later came our second release ‘’Full House’’.

How did you come up with the name Silent Progression?

We really wanted a name for our little snowboard crew back then. As you already know Greece is a pretty warm country. No one knows that there are actually some good places to ride and lot of people that snowboard here. So we stay behind the scenes of the European snowboard community and that’s why we are silent. Progression comes second.

Stigmata Real Street Comp – Athins. Rider Stan

Tell us more about your new film – “After all”…

“After All” is our new upcoming project. It is third release and our first full HD project. We use Sonys FX1 HDV Cameras for filming and we started filming last December (2007). The video should be out late 2008 early 2009.. It is mainly filmed in Greek resorts and spots(Parnassos, Vasilitsa, Kaimaktsalan, Kalavrita Parnitha and Athens), but also in Livigno Italy in April and Les2Alpes summerpark in France in June.

The riders featuring are George Ouzounis, Christian Manousaridis, Dimitris Maniatis, Alex Pitoulis, Kostantinos Vasiliadis, John Grip, Dimitris Mavrokefalos, Kostis Migos, Chris Mihalos, Mino and Nate.

Where do you guys usually ride?

Mainly in Greek resorts all over the country but we try to make two trips a year. One during the winter season and one during the summer at a summer park, usually in Les 2 Alpes.

Nate Bozung in Greece. Photo: Mertis

Are there any good places to ride in Greece?

When there is a snowstorm and there is powder there are some sick places to ride, but these days are very few if you consider that the resort is for 4 months the most. Parnitha is our favorite spot. Is a little mountain next to Athens, about 30 minutes away, and we have a bunch of rails and boxes there, no lift tickets, no lines…

Have you ever visited Bansko, or any other Bulgarian resort?

Some of us have been to Bansko but not for filming. Just to ride or for some Burton contests… But this year we are definitely coming to shoot some stuff with you guys…

What’s the snowboard scene like in Greece?

There are actually a lot of people that snowboard but the resorts are very few, expensive, pretty small and often overcrowded.  Also there is only one snowpark in the whole country operating only for a month or so during the season. So as you realize the scene here is not so sick.. We try to find new spots and new places o ride though that no one has ever been to, and there are a bunch of spots that are amazing

Photo: Mertis

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