Burn The Streets 2012 – Back to the burning city!

If you didn’t already know, you will learn! The city of Baia Mare is famous for its hospitality, friendly people and the best of times. Last year the respected local five-O club raised the most progressive setup right in the middle of the city, called the best riders and threw a high octane party to finish it all properly. This year they do it again, only better! A fresh setup, more skilled riders and a live hip-hop concert before the finals. Will there be a party? Of course there’ll be a party!

10 riders are already prequalified for the finals, 5 spots are open for online entries with good video parts and the qualifying sessions will add 5 more. 20 finalists, the cream of the crop!

All further information can be found on the official website www.burnthestreets.ro.

This event really is nothing that you should miss!

We expect you!