Burn The Streets 2011 – Jibbing rocks the city!

It’s about time! On February 26th the mighty five-O club brings its best toys to the friendly city of Baia Mare and calls out all children out to play for Burn The Streets, the most challenging freestyle contest so far. Hard facts: a fresh and progressive jibbing set-up in the middle of the city, a healthy money purse and, obviously, the best riders around, ready to rock and roll.

Burn The Streets is five-O’s first venture into the urban area, but a long awaited one. The event’s location is the Revolution’s Square in the middle of the city, a place that guarantees a numerous public and lots of quality exposure.

The set-up is the most complex and challenging one that the Romanian scene has seen so far, setting the event apart from any other of its kind. The structure is a mixture of wood and metal that will be covered by more than 200 cubic meters of snow coming straight from the mountain and it will me maintained during the contest by experienced shapers of the five-O crew. The jibbing obstacles are designed to be proper replicas of their urban counterparts, so the city flavour will remain untouched.

10 international and 5 Romanian snowboarders, all very well-known riders will be the official guests of the event and they are qualified straight into the finals. 5 more places in the finals will be available for other Romanian snowboarders. They can earn one of these spots after proving themselves in a qualifying jam-session. The finals are a two rounds affair: in the first one all riders will have 5 tries in a predetermined order, while the second part is a free jam session. The freeskiing competition is open.

Contest schedule:

10:00 – opening/training

16:00 – snowboarding qualifying jam-session

17:00 – freeskiing jam-session

18:00 – training session for the finalists

19:00 – finals (round 1) – 5 tricks/rider

20:00 – finals (round 2) – jam-session

22:00 – afterparty

00:00 – prize-giving ceremony

00:15 – party on!

As a special feature, Burn The Streets will also host a filming and photo competition connected to the event. Besides the official photographers and filmers of the event, Burn The Streets opens 10 spots for photographers and 5 for filming crews with full access to the competition course. Photographers have a week time to feed the organizers with a pack of minimum 10 photos from the event and the filming crews have a month for their respective edits. All footage will be put online and judged open, in permanent communication.

Being an European competition meant to attract top riders, the prize budget is accordingly high. First place in snowboarding will receive 1000 EUR cash. Second and third places, best skier, best photographer and the best filming crew will also receive consistent prizes

The quality afterparty is a five-O trademark and it hosts the prize giving ceremony to keep the tension and to pump up the satisfaction of everybody involved. To most people the party is almost as important as the event itself and 500 guests is a normal amount of visitors by five-O terms.

Don’t forget: Baia Mare + Jibbing = Love!

Burn The Streets is supported by Burn, Rivulus Hotel, Blue Tomato, Loading Media, SuperSki Cavnic and organized by the five-O sports club with the City Council and the Mayor’s Office of Baia Mare as key partners.

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